LightOut Movement

What We Achieve

What we do is orientation and reorientation of young minds. Our work at LightOut serves and continues to serve as a powerful platform to inspire and encourage teenage and pre-teen students across Nigeria to imbibe the right values and practices.

As our students imbibe the practice of abstinence, we see a decline in the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. The incidence and prevalence of teenage pregnancies is also on the decline so girl-child education is better achieved and maintained.

We are using the concept of delayed gratification to combat the menace of Cybercrime among Nigerian youth. We realize that the core factors underpinning this problem are the glitz on social media and the desperation to get rich very quickly. So by getting our teenage and pre-teen students to see how greater reward in future trumps some instant pleasures, they become more long-term in their thinking and then reject the allure of cyber-crime.

Furthermore, we are seeing a decline in environmental pollution, as more and more young people understand the dangers of plastic & other forms of litter, and now learn to dispose waste properly. These young men and women are emerging as leaders in their communities, exemplifying the productive & positive change we strive to achieve and see in them.

Our Impact

With the numerous schools and thousands of students reached, each LightOut edition brings us closer to creating a healthy, educated, responsible and well-balanced Nigerian society.


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